Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding | Jabil Kennels  - Concord, NH

Boarding your dog or cat even for a night can be nerve-wracking, and owners want the promise that their pet will be loved and cared for just as they are at home. Though Jabil Kennels is a smaller pet boarding facility, we have remained so with the intention of providing all our customers’ pets with the same love and affection they’d receive at home.

Our friendly staff of caregivers will take time to get to know each dog or cat individually during their stay, and learn those unique routines and habits that make them feel special and cared for.

We offer long or short term stays for your dog or cat, and our pet boarding rates are as follows:

• Cats are boarded at $13.00 per day
• Small breed dogs (Chihuahua to Cocker) are boarded at $20.00 per day
• Medium & large breeds are boarded at $21.00 per day
• Giant breeds are boarded at $22.00 per day
• Non-spayed in-season females are boarded for an additional $5.00 per day

For multiple dogs or cats from the same family, $1.00 per day will be deducted for each additional pet. All dogs and cats must be up to date on vaccinations, and boarders must bring proof of vaccination from their animal’s veterinarian.

Dogs are provided with time outdoors at our supervised playground to play and socialize with other dogs of the same size. For high-energy dogs or those who require extra exercise, boarders can reserve time in our play yard for a workout or play time in a one-on-one session. We charge $3.00 per ¼ hour of additional play time.

We have been the Concord area’s BBB-accredited pet boarding facility for over 50 years and have been blessed with continuous visits from numerous generations of pet owners. Dogs are provided with grooming services during their stay if their owner desires. We promise to treat your pet as if they were our own! Contact us or visit our location for boarding openings and any additional questions you may have.