Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming  | Jabil Kennels  - Concord, NH

A clean pet is a happy one, and dogs especially love to be pampered and petted. Should you require pet grooming services, Jabil Kennels is your pet boarding and pet grooming resource for professional grooming services.

During your dog’s stay at Jabil Kennels, we’ll be glad to arrange an appointment with one of our pet grooming specialists. Being a smaller kennel allows our groomers to take their time to ensure your dog’s comfort. Years inside the show ring have provided our professional groomers with experience grooming dogs of any size and coat texture. We’ll be happy to use our expertise to give your dog that show-ring appearance, or groom them in the style of your choice.

Grooming services include:

• Pet bathing
• Trimming of coat and nails
• Full brushing to ensure shine and softness of the coat

Big or small, the groomers and caregivers at our pet boarding facility promise your full satisfaction in our pet grooming services. Pets are pampered and soothed during their grooming treatment, and cuddled afterward as a reward for cooperation. With your permission, treats can also be given during grooming services as encouragement for dogs that are shy of the grooming experience.

In addition to pet grooming services, Jabil Kennels offers a variety of pet supplies to assist in grooming your pet at home. Brushes, shampoos, and treats can all be found at our kennel to keep your pet looking and feeling their best in between grooming appointments.

Jabil Kennels is a member of the BBB and promises to provide quality grooming services that will keep your pet comfortable and stylish during their stay and when they arrive home. For more information about our pet grooming services, including rates and appointment times, please visit our Loudon location or contact us directly. We’ll brush, pamper, and treat your best friend as if they were our own pet.