Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies  | Jabil Kennels  - Concord, NH

Playtime is essential for pet health and well-being. Owners want to provide their cats with squeaky toys and scratch pads to keep them entertained, and give their dogs chew toys and balls to play fetch with. For your pet’s playtime needs, visit Jabil Kennels to view our variety of pet toys and other pet supplies to keep your dog or cat happily entertained.

Just as important as playtime is nutritional health for your pet. Jabil Kennels is happy to provide your dog or cat with safe, nutritionally sound pet supplies including vitamins, supplements, food and treats.

Some of our quality pet supplies include:

• Frozen/dry dog and cat food from Abady foods.
• Quality cat scratching pads
• Feline “Greenies” for feline dental care
• All-natural Old Mother Hubbard Dog Biscuits
• Yesterday’s News cat litter made from recycled paper
• Vitamins and joint supplements from US Animal of Vermont
• A variety of chew toys, bones, squeaky toys and stuffies to keep your pet entertained.

Many of our products are all-natural or organic to provide your dog and cat with the best nutrition in their food or treats. Our pet toys are made in the US and pass all required safety standards. Cats will love to sink their claws into our scratching pads, and Yesterday’s News cat litter provides not only a comfortable litter box for your feline, but assists in helping keep our planet clean for humans and animals alike.

Our pet boarding facility has all our pet supplies on display, and you can also shop for any dog grooming supplies you may need to keep your furry friend looking their best between grooming appointments.

Jabil Kennels is glad to be the Concord area’s resource for quality pet supplies, professional pet grooming, and safe, caring pet boarding services. For more information on our supplies, visit our location in Loudon or contact us today with any questions you may have about the health and wellness of your dog or cat.